Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Look what I won!

Well I just opened up my "IN" box to find that I am the winner of these lovely goodies from this contest:

ApronMemories_coverphoto_fav  I get scrapbooking software PLUS a gift certificate!!
MyMemories Suite version 3 digital scrapbooking software now available  Check out their HUGE selection of buttons!!  And I get $25 to spend will I ever chose??

Lots of Buttons has launched

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tryin' the Hooky-thing!

One rainy summer in my teenage years, my mother decided that learning to crochet would be an invaluable skill which my girlfriend and I needed to learn.  So we spent weeks cooped up in our cabin by the lake, learning to make granny squares...or rather one LARGE granny the form of a seventies poncho.  Now my girlfriend took to crochet more than I did ...and I am sad to say I have done precious little of it since those days.  Well...take a look....

Decided to have a go at those squares!

Very satisfying to see those little piles growing!

I've decided it will be a queen-sized blanket....hmmm...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Christmas in February!!

Well hello!!  I see I've not managed to keep my blog very up-to-date...probably earning me one of those "bad-blogger"  or "no-post" blogger titles!...But I am resolved to get back at it!

Please don't eat me!!!
So Christmas has come...and gone...and we enjoyed a traditional BOUCHE NOEL...a cake rather like a jelly-roll...with a very decadent cream filling (chocolate in our case).  It is always in the shape of a fallen log...and I made some little marzipan wood-land creatures to play hide and seek on it!

You can see a small blue and purple (?) raccoon hiding from a wee white mousie!