Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And what I sent!

So here is what I made for my swap partner!
These are photos that Ellena took after she received my parcel!  The goodies on top are the tuck-ins I added...a cupcake stnad (paper), cupcake bubble bath, an owl cookie, sanitizer...cake scented...a cupcake candle, and I forgot what else!

I collect old trim pieces from pillowcases...I think my Gramma made this crochet edging in the 40's! 

Another Swap!!

Well...another year...and no posts yet....hmmmmm. is what I recieved in the latest swap from the Flirty Apron Swap hosted by Shawnee.  The  participants were sent a fat quarter of lovely cupcake fabric and instructed to create something out of it.  My partner Ellena and I decided to make table runners instead of aprons.  Here is what she sent me!
Notice how beautifully her co-ordinating fabric matches the cupcake fabric!

Here is what else was in the package!!  Chocolate!! and a cute doggies note book!  And just look at the light green polka-dot underside!!

And here is my little Starbuck's Valentine Bearista about to have tea!!
Valentine's Day to all! xoxo