Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quick Draw and a Prize!

Quick Draw 2011
Last night the art teacher at my school and myself entered our local Winter Carnival quick draw.  You have an hour to produce a painting then frame it.  They are auctioned off and the proceeds go towards scholarships at the local college.  Seeing as daughter #2 was the receipient of many of those scholarships I figure I'd better do my part and contribute towards future scholarships.  So this is what I painted.  It's somewhere in the Tetons....the art teacher had taken the photo a while back. 

Art teacher's quick draw 2011
This was what our art teacher painted.  He works in oils and this was an amazing painting.

When I looked at the apron blog that I am currently doing...well one of 2 actually...I found out that I was the WINNER of the giveaway!!   And this is what I've won!  These are from:  They have lots more very cute and whimsical earings and other jewlery.  Check them out! 

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