Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hot Mama Apron Swap parcel off!

If your name is TAMMY and you don't want to spoil your surprise...don't look any further!!!  But while I had some time this morning (I'm on spring break...yay!) I wanted to post these pictures of the apron I made for the Chicken Lovin' Apron Swap for Tammy....and some of the tuck-ins I added to her parcel!

I really liked how the fabric-covered buttons turned out!
Fabric covered buttons

I made her a kitchen towel to match the apron...and bought everything else...oh wait...I added a chicken to the soap with some paraffin wax.  I love those little egg guys!   They are a one-egg fry pan and lifter, and a little scrubby brush.  And although the picture doesn't do him justice, that is a little red chicken timer in the box, and a pr. of salt and pepper shakers named Fritz and Frizzle. 
Tuck ins

Me modelling apron for Tammy

Hubby suggested I take the pictures outside...and I think he was right....they look much better in the bright sun-shine!
Apron for Chicken Swap!


  1. What an absolutley adorable apron! (and how cute are you modeling it?) I love that fabric and the pattern is really wonderful! Your partner will be one lucky lady for sure :)

  2. SO cute!!!! And is that a mushroom brush I spy as a tuck in?

  3. This Apron is Too Fabulous! ♥ it!!

  4. Nice job on the apron! I am still waiting for my Chicken apron. Hope it comes soon!!!