Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swap pacels!

My mug and mug-rug from Denise

It was an exciting Friday for me...not one...but  two fabulous swap parcels arrived for me!  First I opened up my Easter Mug Rug parcel...from Aunt Pitty Pat's swap.  This was crafted by Denise.   Here is my lovely Easter mug-rug...and she didn't even know my favorite color is pink!

Mug-rug and all the goodies

Denise did a super job; she tucked in all sorts of treats, some sand-dollars and a shell from beaches near where she lives, a really cherry polka-dot mug, with a little daisy tea-bag tray, and of course the mug-rug.  It has a little napkin inserted into a holder on the side!  I can't decide if I'll risk taking it to school (and having some poor child inadvertently spill my coffee on it!) or just enjoy it at home.

Next I got to open my Easter Basket Swap parcel!  I felt a little badly getting to open mine up, as I have still to mail mine tomorrow.  But it is all boxed up and ready for the post at least!  So this fabulous "basket" came from Debbie, and here is what all she sent me.

Easter Basket from Debbie

She used the garden hat as a basket!  Very clever!  Inside was this adorable "chocolate" nbunny...he has a sparkly pink "W" charm on his bow, socks, an Easter kitchen towel, the cutest little owl tags ever, (I actually snooped on her blog...and knew she has made them...tee-hee!!), some sewing machine tags...also really cute and so well made, jelly beans, and cream-filled eggs galore!  What a wonderful Easter Basket!  Here is a closer look at the bunny:

Chocolate Easter Bunny made by Debbie

He is just so cute!  And now a photo of me modelling the hat!  I just love wearing hats in the summer, and Debbie didn't even know!

I'm having a "deer in the headlights" moment! 


  1. You look lovely in your new "Easter Bonnet" :) Glad everything was to your liking. The rabbit's sewing lacked a bit, but he is fat free! All the goodies inside the jelly beans aren't. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. What great swap packages! I LOVE the gardening hat and agree with Debbie. You do look lovely in it!
    I definately need to check out that mug rug swap. I'm seeing them all over the place and they are just so darn cute!

  3. The hat was such a Creative "basket"..Love it!
    & the Chocolate bunny is Darling!!

    Happy Easter!