Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Caravan Trip

Melle and a friend inside the Barge Inn
Here we are on a misty, moisty July evening...ready to start off on our caravan adventure!  So first off of course we had to visit a pub!  This one was right on a canal with barges docked.
Inside the caravan, Melle, sopping wet from our walk in (it was England, after all) enjoys a bed-time brew!
And we're off!
Note that I am sensibly dressed for the weather in rain boots and rain-suit!

Next morning Melle's beverage of choice is a nice, hot cuppa' tea!   The caravan was all fitted out with cute crockery, blue gingham curtains and duvet cover, really all the comforts of home. We wore those rain suits day-in and day-out!  Tomorrow I'll continue our journey!


  1. Oh my this trip looks like its a blast.. I hope everyone is having a great time!
    I just wanted you to know the blocks will be posted Monday 09-19. Thank you for playing in my block swap :)

  2. The trip looks like all had a good time. I wanted to thank you for your very cute ghost block and the extras that make him just the most cutest ghost ever!