Thursday, November 3, 2011

2 months later...

So I've been absent from blog-land for a couple of excuses:
                                       #1.  High School Tennis Season (meaning many trips across the state on the big
                                              yellow bus)
                                      #2.  Too much catching up @ school...due to being away for....yup...High School
However...all that is behind me now...and I have until Spring Tennis Season to make stuff...and blog!!

So...I've whipped up (literally) a couple of new school-skirts.  Both made of old sweaters....the bottom ribbing becomes the waist-band.  Skirt #1 I hemmed and embelished with some ribbing rosettes, and a couple of leaves cut from some other old wool garment...and a few french knots.  Skirt #2 was really a 1 minute effort!  I didn't bother to hem the bottom, cause it's wool, it won't do anything except stretch.  And I liked the wibbly-wobbly look.  I cut vertical slits to put a ribbon-belt through the waist band...that took an additional 30 seconds!  (Must be the camera angle that makes me look short and gnomish(large-headed) in these photos!)

Sweater Skirt #1

Detail of Rosettes on skirt

Sweater Skirt #2

1 Minute Skirt!

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