Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vintage Brooch Swap

I participated in the Swap for all Seasons Vintage Brooch Swap for Mother's Day.  Look at what I got from the very talented Jan in Texas!  Here is her lovely hand-made card to me, along with my beautifully wrapped parcel.  That is a SECOND vintage brooch on the ribbon!
This is what was inside that pretty package.  The photo does not do justice to the beautiful cross-stitch and beding on the needleroll that Jan made for me.  The brooch is mother-of-pearl with my initial on it in gold.  Beautiful!
I was just blown away by Jan's beautiful gift to me! 


  1. Hi Mary Lea,

    The items your partner sent are AMAZING! I just wish I could take a closer look to see more detail. She is very talented! Is the roll designed to hold pins? I haven't heard that term before.

    Thank you for sharing. It's such a delight seeing all the beautiful brooches and creativity this morning. Have fun too!

    Be blessed with your favorite kind of day.

  2. Sorry about the photos...don't have a grat camera! I think they were designed to hold brooches...the cross stiching is so amazing! Jan called it a needle-roll and told me you can find them...if a dealer will part with it!

  3. Soooo beauiful! The brooch and the cross stitch. Jan did a great job! Thanks for sharing! Linda

  4. Oh what fun this swap was. Beautiful brooches you have recieved. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, you really made my day.