Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yard Sale Loot!

Last week my dad was visiting us from Canada.  We celebrated his birthday with a traditional "DUNCAN" cake.  That's DUNCAN  not "Duncan Hines"!  It's the old family birthday know...the one my ansestors were making when they came over from the old least that is how the story goes.  Dad is 83 now and still drives by himself   for 3 days to visit us!  And he trudges around yard sales with me! AND look what we found!

It's an incomplete set of "kitchen" bone china!  For $5!!  Here's a close-up of the cream and sugar set:
It's not Royal Doulton...but we thought it was pretty!  It was the end of the day and we were given a box and told to "fill 'er up" for 5 bucks!  I thought maybe I'd find some treasures for my birthday box at school...but we got lots of things I couldn't pass up!  Including the above china.  Score!! 

This week being graduation for our seniors, I made an apron for a friend's daughter.  She picked (well her mum picked) the fabrics.  Here I am modelling it!  Not sure why I thought staring off into space would make a charming shot...and I must find a better spot than the end of the hall to take pics!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!
    Great yard sale find ~ all that china for $5 is incredible!