Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Starting my Blog!!

I am so excited to be starting a blog!  Recently I've started to read several blogs by probably younger people than myself, mostly females.  They seem to find time to write about their exciting (and sometimes not so exciting) days, post pictures of things they have seen or are doing or wearing!  So here I go, venturing into the land of the blogger....wish me luck!  I need to figure out how to add pictures, and all the other things that people seem to have on their blogs!

I have just also joined a "swap" for the first time.  This one is an apron swap which I will try to put up a link to.  http://flirtyapronswap.blogspot.com/search?q=mumsiemusings  OK!!! I think I've done it!! Yay! 

So now I have to go home and start on my fabulous apron which I will post photos of soon!

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