Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrills on a Thursday!

Oh my gosh!  I just opened up by blog to find that my very talented daughter #2 has been here and given my blog a whole new design! YAY!!  A zillion thanks to Miss Melle!!  It's so me, I can hardly believe I didn't do it myself.  (But I didn't!)

I am going to be zipping around on the weekend...finding the "tuck-ins" for the apron swap, and finishing off the apron.  Pictures coming soon.  I also need to finish up daughter#2's Christmas present....she asked for a new duvet cover, and I gave her a bag of fabric for Christmas.  Told her it would be done soon....well it is still on the sewing table.  However, seeing as she has done what I asked just a day....I'd better finish up my committment to her and get the duvet done. 

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