Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Finished up my apron for the swap!  It's reversible!  So practical (I think...get one side grubby, turn it over and voila...fresh apron!)  Hope my swap partner likes it. 

Also bought a new kitchen appliance this's a single serving coffee maker.  I ran into a friend in Walmart, who convinced me that life would never be the same after this investment.  Well, she was right!  This is the greatest little always have fresh, hot...(really hot) coffee.  My hubby also agrees that this is worth the counter space.

While out shopping I bought myself some pretty pink of those little $5 bundles at the grocery store.  Hubby buys flowers for special occasions....but now and then I like to see fresh flowers just because.  I think they look cute in my stemless wine glasses!

Matt and I took a little drive up to Thermopolis today to soak in the hot springs.  They have lots of deer eating up the town's trees....but are cute to take pictures of.  This little guy was very curious to see what I was doing.

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  1. I love the apron! Adorable!!! And the flowers are way pretty. So just waiting for the duvet pics now...:)